After several collaborations between the two dancers and choreographers Claudi Bombardó and Nora Sitges-Sardà, takes place the beginning of a new dance project in Barcelona: the company CONTRAPUNCTUS danceport, a formation that allows and looks after the implication of young artists in the creation and performance of choreographic works which integrate different forms, waves and styles of modern dance.
Ever since its beginning in 2004, CONTRAPUNCTUS dp has already created and presented five new stage pieces (light light object, dos, superfície emocional, POLS, Riceracre a tres, Quaranta cadires / unplaced, FULL EVENING...) and performed several previous works of its co-founders in stages and festivals abroad (Italy, Israel, Austria, Spain). 
The company also integrates actions, alternative happenings and dance videos (last waltz, extrAct, machine, mai and tok, variacions en una recta, BLINK…).
CONTRAPUNCTUS dp’s style could be defined as eclectic but precise, and contains an academic background together with clear aspects and materials of the free dance and the vanguard’s performing arts languages.

At the moment, the company works for the presentation of its works abroad, moreover its last production, "FULL EVENING", coproduced by the GREC Festival Barcelona 2012 and premiered at Pina Bausch venue of the Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona.